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We are very excited to have our good friends over at Safecast joining our next webinar on Thursday, October 23rd at 3pm GMT to show how to use real-time JSON feed to visualise radiation data. (Click here to see the time in your time zone)

The Safecast project is simple awesome! Right after the Fukushima nuclear disaster in 2011 there was no publicly available radiation data. Few worried people came together to address this need, developed devices to measure radiation and distributed them, initially focusing on Japan. Since the beginning all radiation data is free to use for everyone (CC0 license). Watch a short video documentary and the TED talk by Joi Ito, one of the Safecast’s co-founders.

Join our live webinar to meet Kalin and learn more about Safecast and the freely available radiation data. Then follow Andrew from visualize it directly from the near-realtime JSON feed.

Please sign up for the webinar here.


Crime rate, safety on streets, poverty and the most deadliest countries for journalists were among the topics covered on Data Storytelling workshops on Saturday, October 4th. The members of Hacks/Hackers communities in Cape Town and Johannesburg learnt the basics of effective data storytelling with to produce their own data driven stories. Now the authors of the infographics compete for the six-month Pro accounts and other goodies.

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We are happy to support the On Think Tanks Data Visualisation Competition hosted by the On Think Tanks, a blog and set of associated projects that help think tanks to do what they do better.

Think tanks all over the world are welcome to join our Data Storytelling session online on Tuesday, October 14th at 1pm GMT to get inspired for the projects to be submitted for the Data Visualisation Competition. Nika from will share the essentials of effective data storytelling with that engages large audiences.

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What’s the story behind the worst Ebola virus outbreak ever? Please join us at our next webinar on Thursday, October 9th at 5pm GMT to uncover it. (Click here to see the time in your time zone)

Our dear friend Reinhold will guide you through the most relevant data sources as WHO, IHME, CDC, and show how to turn a plain text data into a beautiful and compelling data-driven story in no time.

Please sign up for the webinar here.

Do not hesitate to invite your friends and see you on Thursday!

On Saturday 04 October Hacks/Hackers SA will be running a data visualization workshop on that will be co-hosted with’s Nika Aleksejava. Nika will explain the platform, that has recently added a collaboration component that lets teams build data visualizations together.

Whether it is to get your audience to ask more questions about your data or maybe you want to express an opinion using data, good data visualization can go a long way in making sure your readers understand the data you’re trying to present.

During this workshop we’ll be visualizing data that hopefully you, as the target audience looking to learn how to visualize information, will be bringing. Participants stand a chance of winning Pro accounts for 6 months to the value of R1210. The Pro accounts have a number of features such as allowing you to download the infographics you created as PNGs and PDFs so as to print them in your newspapers/magazines.

There will also be some swag (in the form of t-shirts and stickers) for the team that gets its data to go viral (in terms of tweets and Facebook shares) so there is much to gain.

The workshop will take place at JoziHub, 44 Stanley Rd Auckland Park, as well as at Codebridge in Claremont, Cape Town. Entry as always is free and we look forward to making some beautiful data visualizations with you all.

We are very happy to launch the most requested feature in a long time – For Teams. Now, teams of multiple users can get the same product benefits, access the same themes (including your very own custom themes!) and share their work in’s library view.


Team accounts are very useful for all our key customer groups. Media are able to share the work they do and cooperate among team members before publishing, and to benefit from their own white-labeled or custom branded designs.

Some of our biggest customers use almost exclusively for internal enterprise use. Multiple accounts having access to the same repository of infographics and visualizations is very powerful for them.

Team accounts in education are very useful for classroom settings, where the administrator, teacher or trainer can follow the creation of infographics and advice as the students go along.

Team accounts are also preferentially priced as their size increases. See our pricing and features here and contact the sales team if you have more questions from the same page.

We’re proud to have recently launched a completely redesigned website. We trust you’ll find it more informative and much more pleasing to use. Here are some highlights!

We will of course keep updating and improving our site, and having a fresh foundation to build on makes this even easier. Keep an eye out for more content and information in the near future – a good way is by following us on Twitter here.

We are happy to announce our next webinar on Thursday, September 25th at 5pm GMT. (Click here to see the time in your time zone)

Kristaps from will share some data storytelling tips and tricks to make a data go viral using He will also show how to turn a boring 30 page report into an engaging data driven story.

Please sign up for the webinar here and invite your friends!

We will be recording the webinar as always. Go to our  Vimeo channel to watch previous webinars.